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DisabilityAware: An Awareness and Inclusion Program

A fundamental part of creating an inclusive environment is promoting understanding and respect for individual differences.

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What you'll learn

  • Create inclusive environments embracing diversity.
  • Become better allies to people with disability.
  • Promote disability awareness and challenge stereotypes.
  • Understand causes and types of disability.
  • Address misconceptions and attitudes.
  • Learn about the rights of people with disability.
  • Identify barriers to inclusion.
  • Enhance communication and adapt to individual needs.

Why choose this course?

By enrolling in this course, organisations and individuals can acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to create an inclusive environment that embraces diversity, fostering a harmonious and empowering workplace or community group.

Why engage with this program?

Our learning module, DisabilityAware, has been created with the primary aim of supporting learners to be better allies to people with disability.

DisabilityAware, built in partnership with people living with disability, focuses on promoting an awareness of disability and aims to dismantle common stereotypes and address societal attitudes which impact on the lives of people with disability.

What does the course cover?

This 75-minute learning modules includes five chapters; Setting the Scene, Awareness of Disability, Impact of Attitude, Communicate, and Take Action, and the following topics are covered:

  • Different causes and types of disability
  • Misconceptions and attitudes about disability
  • The rights of people with disability
  • Barriers preventing people with disability from being included.
  • Skills and techniques you can use to communicate and interact with people with disability.
  • Some ways you can adapt to meet the individual needs of people with disability and play your part in working towards a more inclusive world.

This course is essential for:

  • Organisations and individuals seeking skills and knowledge to foster inclusive, diverse, and empowering environments


75 minutes

100% online course
Interactive activities
Voice over
Video and/or animation
Certificate of completion
Aligned to NDIS Practice Standards
Access available for 12 months from purchase

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